Dead Relatives

Hi there. My granddaughter had a dream that I would like to ask you to interpret. She dreamed about her deceased father who died in a car accident 8 years ago. She said she dreamed about her father and he was talking to her and told her he was sorry that he could not be there for her. I am looking forward to your dream interpretation. Why are there times that we dream about our dead relatives? I hope that you can tell me something. - marciascott 

Dream Interpretation:

One of the reasons why we see our dead relatives in dreams is the possibility that we are missing them. Seeing her deceased father in her dream may also signify her need for love and protection but she would have to be stronger because the influences around her may be challenging for her age. 

It may also reflect that she hasn't yet overcome the pain of losing her father. She was not able to fully cope up with it. There may be longings to still resolve things that weren’t resolved then. It may also signify that she was not able to properly bid her father goodbye before he died. 

Sometimes, dreams such as this one can also be a form of "visit" by that person's spirit, where he may be trying to relay the message that the one visited is being watched and guarded. That is why she needs to be strong.

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  1. hi mariascott, shopping involves making choices, to make the most of you shopping, you need to prepare a list where you would have already identified what you really need and want. your dreams might be telling you to be careful with the choices that you make.

    with your daughter, like what 2senseup said, your daughter must be missing her dad. and the dream could be telling her that as much as his dad would want to be there for her things are different now.r

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  4. The father in the dream is either a symbol for her desire to have her father that she feels she can't have, or he symbolizes her conscience and ability to make positive choices. In that case the conversation with the father represents her feelings of regret at not having done the right thing in some waking life situation.

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