Coffee Shop, Jacket and Scarf



I had a dream at 5 am in the morning where my boyfriend and I are in a coffee shop. He is very happy. He talks about things that I failed to remember upon waking up. One thing I noticed is that he was wearing a black stylish jacket and a brown scarf. BTW, me and him are in a cool off stage right now. What does this dream mean? - Freda

Dream Interpretation:

A coffee shop is a place where people usually go to talk about things over a cup of coffee. It seems, the two of you have issues to settle before things can flow smoothly in the relationship. The black stylish jacket he is wearing symbolizes how you think he is guarding himself or his own emotions. You might also be suspecting that he is keeping things from you.

Remember, color black in dreams represents mysteries, secrets, the feeling of mourning and so on. At the back of your mind, you might be hoping that he is feeling sad about your current situation. Color brown in dreams represents practicality; hence, the brown scarf he is wearing may be telling you that he thinks he has to be practical, and that is why he chose to do things that will best suit his needs. 

Since you are in a cool off mode at present, your dream might be indicating that you have this wish that he will contact you soon and that the two of you can talk things over; whether to start all over again, or simply for the sake of getting a closure. 

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Faceless Person

I always dream of this woman who has no face; however, I have a feeling that I know her. This dream keeps on coming back. The location would change but the character is that same woman I dream about. What do you think these dreams are trying to tell me? – dupee2

Dream Interpretation:

Face in dreams is a symbol of identity. When you see a faceless person in your dream, it may mean that there is a person that confuses you. He or she may be showing you mixed signals and you fail to identify the real intention of this person up to this moment.
At times, dreaming of a faceless person can be a reflection of how confused you are about yourself and your direction in life. You might also have this feeling that other people fail to appreciate you.

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Shopping for Shoes with Celebrity

This is really funny but I dreamed that I was shopping for shoes and Brad Pitt is with me. No, he is not my favorite actor that's why I find it weird. Can you tell me what it means?

Dream Interpretation

To dream of an actor symbolizes fame. You might have the desire to be well-known or you might be doing something that will invite fame into your life. The shoes symbolize getting ready for something. We wear these stuff when we are going outside or if we are going to travel, whether long or short. The thought of travelling might have crossed your mind lately. 

To shop for shoes with a famous actor may mean that you are about to face things that involves career moves and success. You have to be careful with your choice. Wrong choice of shoes can be the make or break of a certain journey.
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Elevator and Country Side

I had a dream and in this dream, I was in a huge house. I am going up through an elevator and there was a window on top of the house where I looked out. There, I saw a beautiful country side and yet, I do not know why I am feeling so sad. In reality, I guess there is nothing negative about this dream but I want to know what you think. - bsg

Dream Interpretation:

To see an elevator in dreams signifies your desire to quickly rise to status and/or wealth. This may also mean that you might have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint. When you saw a beautiful countryside on top of the house but you are feeling in your dream, it may be saying that in real life, you are doing some soul searching. 
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Hi there. I had a dream which troubled me. In my dream, I saw myself getting up from bed and I was stunned to see the main window of the house open and the screen covering it is damaged as if somebody broke through. I felt more afraid when I looked out and saw a man sleeping on the ground just below my window. However, I was not able to recognize who the man is because he was lying upside down. I want to know your dream interpretation for this. Thanks. -Mhel

Dream Interpretation:

You may say it's funny but dreams such as this one sometimes occur when you are aware that the security of your house is weak. It might be because some repairs must be done but may have been delayed; or there might be parts of the house that have some damages but you think you are not capable of getting them done for some reasons. These things make you feel unsecured.

On the other hand, it might also mean that you are feeling like the situations in your life at present are giving you misery. It may also mean that you have fears that your secrets are about to come out in the open. Another dream interpretation for window is you might have this feeling that your privacy is being violated or some people in your waking life are interfering on matters they have no business with. These are some of the meaning of windows in dreams.

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House On Fire

I had this dream where I saw my house on fireThe fire only charred the house but I did not see any of our belongings burned. All of the members of my household helped each other to put out the fire by throwing water in pails. It did not take a lot of time and effort for me and my family members to put the fire out but the walls of the house were burned although they still stood intact and they are not wrecked. - Sonny

Dream Interpretation:

Houses in dreams may signify present situations the dreamer is in. To see your house on fire may be representing a difficult situation, particularly something which involves your household or family. It may symbolize hardships that you and your family are experiencing. However, when you saw that you helped each other in putting out the fire may mean that you know something is already at work and these hardships that your household is experiencing will soon end. Problems will be resolved if you will help each other out.

To see the walls of your house charred although they stood still, and that none of your belongings were burned, means that these difficult situations will not bring you down. This dream where you saw that your house is on fire does not really convey a bad message; instead, it conveys a message of hope and overcoming problems with the help of the people around you. This is the meaning of dreams about burning houses.

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Furniture and Couches

I had a dream just this morning where I saw that I am moving the furniture inside my computer shop. I also added couches but they look old and not brand new. After moving the furniture, I took one last look at the result of rearranging them and I am satisfied. Could you give me a dream interpretation for this? - Melissa

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream about furniture and couches is a representation of your thoughts on how you can improve your business. You wanted to make some changes and you may want to start literally by changing how the place looks like. Adding couches may mean that you desire more people to come to your business. Probably more clients, but since your business is a computer shop, the couches may mean you desire to get more clients through another source of income, which has a connection with your current business.

Now, if it is precognizant dream, moving furniture in dreams means you will soon experience some improvements in your business. Adding couches means more clients or projects will come your way. The couches you added which look like old ones may mean that there will be no big change but only some sort of innovation which may signify that if your business was prospering before, you will experience that again. This will result to satisfaction on your part.
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Being Pushed

I had a bad dream long ago where I saw some strong men pushing me off a cliff. I tried to fight them but in vain. What can you see from this? Regards. - Ptrikha1

Dream Interpretation:

Dreams about being pushed may signify oppressing situations which you find hard to beat. The cliff may symbolize the point in your life which can be considered very critical. The strong men pushing you of the cliff represent a situation which is pushing or pressuring you in real life. 

If you are a woman, being pushed by strong men in dreams mean that this situation is too big for you to handle. You might be feeling that you are out of control of the situation.
On the other hand, this may just mean deadlines, challenging work, etc. that are making you feel exhausted. There is this feeling in you that you think you are running out of time and something should be done immediately.

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Bookstore and Papers

In a dream, I saw myself inside a bookstore and my purpose is to buy receipts. I went to the section where the receipts are but I saw that there are lots of blank papers with different colors. It took me several minutes before I was able to find some receipts. I find it weird because that panel inside the bookstore is supposed to be for receipts but there are more blank colored papers on it. What does this mean? - Leigh

Dream Interpretation:

Bookstores in dreams may symbolize professional or official responsibilities. They may also be classified as the things you are doing in a job where you are in right now. Looking for receipts in dreams may mean that you are looking for financial success and better times. It may also mean that you are finding achievements from yourself. You are doing an accounting of your own life.

Finding papers in dreams and lots of them on the panel where the receipts should be placed may mean you somehow feel that you're going through a lot of responsibilities and stress while accomplishing something. You can't seem to find the right solutions. Perhaps, you might have this feeling of dismay that a lot of things are getting in the way of your success.

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Suffocation and Being Tied

I wrote you in behalf of my friend. He would always have frightening dreams. In one of his dreams, he heard a church bell ringing and then, a priest who is wearing black came out. My friend's wrists are tied in a rope. Then, the priest approached him on his bed and suffocated him. What does it means? - Anonymous

Dream Interpretation:

Generally, your friend's dream shows signs of anxiety. Hearing the sound of a church bell in dreams signifies that he feels alarmed on something. He may be thinking that something will always take him by surprise. 

The priest who is wearing black may be telling him that he is at a point where he is disturbed emotionally or spiritually, but might be guarding this truth from everyone.

Being suffocated in dreams is a sign  of stress, tension and oppression. Sometimes, it expresses the desire to break loose. I believe this friend of yours do have some problems that are making him anxious but he refuses to open up about it. He might need someone to confide his secrets with or confess something but is afraid that things will backfire on him.
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