Teacher and Classroom

I often dream of returning to my old classroom (I am an ex-elementary school teacher) and having a hard time controlling the kids. I am afraid that I know what you will probably say. I am looking forward to your dream interpretation. Thank you. - Makingpots

Dream Interpretation:

This dream might signify feelings of insecurities in your past life that may have never been resolved. It may also relate to anxieties about performance and abilities where in you were having frustrations. It may also be telling you about the important lessons that you are learning in life. 

Because you are coming through this process of looking more closely into yourself, you are looking for guidance, knowledge or advice about the path that you are about to cross. I am not sure if I would be able to give you the exact interpretation because your note is so short but it may sum up into this: in your thoughts, you are seeing the shadow of yourself that you had already rejected long ago but at present, you are battling within yourself because you were thinking that they would sometimes want to come back. 
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  1. It could also be that there are things in your life now that you find hard to control. The classroom being the event or situation, and the kids are those factors that you can't seem to get control of.

    However, you being the teacher will have the final say to the whole issue. you just need to find the way to calm those unresolved issues, once they're quiet down, you'll be able to think more clearly. :)

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