Falling Teeth

Hello there. I have this dream that I wish you could interpret for me. I always dream that my teeth are falling out. They are coming out by a mouthful. Every time they fall out, I would just get them out but after a while, my mouth would be filled with falling teeth again. Do you have any idea about what this means? - sunshine4

Dream Interpretation:

Falling teeth dreams are the most common dreams in the world. We should admit that dreams such as these are horrible and shocking most of the time.

We use teeth to bite, chew, gnaw and tear. Therefore, in most dreams, it symbolizes power and/or strength. Your dream may be indicating that you're having a feeling of powerlessness. What I meant by powerlessness here is that you maybe in a situation where in you feel inferior. You may also be lacking confidence. Perhaps, you might be feeling down because you're experiencing problems about health, money, relationship, business and so on. You might also have this feeling that you are about to lose a source of strength such as a loved one, a job or a home.

For most women, dreams about falling teeth may indicate a feeling of being unattractive and getting older. In latest research, the ones who frequently dream about falling teeth are those who are in their menopausal stage.

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  1. Wow! I was like 24-25 when I had the dream my teeth were falling out. I must have been seriously stressed.

    Thanks for commenting my blog and letting me know to look for this post...I found it under July.

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