Being Pushed

I had a bad dream long ago where I saw some strong men pushing me off a cliff. I tried to fight them but in vain. What can you see from this? Regards. - Ptrikha1

Dream Interpretation:

Dreams about being pushed may signify oppressing situations which you find hard to beat. The cliff may symbolize the point in your life which can be considered very critical. The strong men pushing you of the cliff represent a situation which is pushing or pressuring you in real life. 

If you are a woman, being pushed by strong men in dreams mean that this situation is too big for you to handle. You might be feeling that you are out of control of the situation.
On the other hand, this may just mean deadlines, challenging work, etc. that are making you feel exhausted. There is this feeling in you that you think you are running out of time and something should be done immediately.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the Interpretation -now I can relate why I had this dream -It was around 4 years back;when I was very much dissatisfied with my Job and had a struggle finding a newer one.