Bookstore and Papers

In a dream, I saw myself inside a bookstore and my purpose is to buy receipts. I went to the section where the receipts are but I saw that there are lots of blank papers with different colors. It took me several minutes before I was able to find some receipts. I find it weird because that panel inside the bookstore is supposed to be for receipts but there are more blank colored papers on it. What does this mean? - Leigh

Dream Interpretation:

Bookstores in dreams may symbolize professional or official responsibilities. They may also be classified as the things you are doing in a job where you are in right now. Looking for receipts in dreams may mean that you are looking for financial success and better times. It may also mean that you are finding achievements from yourself. You are doing an accounting of your own life.

Finding papers in dreams and lots of them on the panel where the receipts should be placed may mean you somehow feel that you're going through a lot of responsibilities and stress while accomplishing something. You can't seem to find the right solutions. Perhaps, you might have this feeling of dismay that a lot of things are getting in the way of your success.

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  1. Dream analysis is very interesting. I've been told that when one dreams of losing his/her teeth, the dream signifies that the person feels as though he/she has lost control over her life.

    1. That's true. I've also posted an interpretation for that kind of dream here.