Coffee Shop, Jacket and Scarf



I had a dream at 5 am in the morning where my boyfriend and I are in a coffee shop. He is very happy. He talks about things that I failed to remember upon waking up. One thing I noticed is that he was wearing a black stylish jacket and a brown scarf. BTW, me and him are in a cool off stage right now. What does this dream mean? - Freda

Dream Interpretation:

A coffee shop is a place where people usually go to talk about things over a cup of coffee. It seems, the two of you have issues to settle before things can flow smoothly in the relationship. The black stylish jacket he is wearing symbolizes how you think he is guarding himself or his own emotions. You might also be suspecting that he is keeping things from you.

Remember, color black in dreams represents mysteries, secrets, the feeling of mourning and so on. At the back of your mind, you might be hoping that he is feeling sad about your current situation. Color brown in dreams represents practicality; hence, the brown scarf he is wearing may be telling you that he thinks he has to be practical, and that is why he chose to do things that will best suit his needs. 

Since you are in a cool off mode at present, your dream might be indicating that you have this wish that he will contact you soon and that the two of you can talk things over; whether to start all over again, or simply for the sake of getting a closure. 

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  5. I had a similar dreams too I always dream a person who doesn't have a face and he is wearing a black hood. I don't know why is this person keeps appearing in my dreams. What does it mean?

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