First Love

Hi there. I had a dream and it got me thinking. I dreamed that I am in my first love's house as a guest. It is anyway an old house which boards several families. I don't know why I am there. He told me to stay in a bedroom which is just beside their room.

When I went up to the room, he followed me there as if he wants to tell me something. But then, I had decided to approach his baby who is playing inside his room. I played with the baby and what my first love did is that he gave us some food to eat. I went out of the room and saw that there are commotions in the kitchen and I do not know why. I asked the men there what's wrong but it seems like they do not hear or see me. But up to that point, my first love has still followed me.

I went out of the old house and went back to my own home but to my surprise, the food that my first love gave me and his baby are still with me. I happily showed them to my mother and to my aunt, telling them, "Look, my first love gave me delicious food and his baby is with me." Can you give me a dream interpretation for this? - Zen

Dream Interpretation:

It is very much possible that your first love is still special to you in a way, and that is why you still dream about him. The old house in your dream represents the old times where you are still together. To see that there are many families living in that house tells about confusing situations that the two of you might have experienced when you were still together --- situations that involve things that have been weighed and considered and it could be that they really mattered during those times.

To see yourself talking to some people in that house where it seemed like you are not being heard or seen may mean that you were not able to voice out some feelings then. Somehow, you are longing to be heard and to be noticed but you think that all will be in vain. Perhaps, you have fears then of expressing your feelings. You wanted to understand what happened, why things didn't work out; but you think you are deprived of that chance. You might still be longing for closure.

Being his guest in that house where in he personally asked you to stay in a room beside his own room and the scenes where he kept on following you represents your memories of him that still haunts you. A part of you won't and can't move on. It may also mean that somehow, you know that you have been special to him but both of you knew then that things will never be given the chance to last.

After parting, you brought along some good memories that you still ponder on and you share this story about your first love with the people who are close to you.

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  1. This hurts so much but I must admit, it's a perfect interpretation. Bull's eye!

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