"I often dream about snakes lately. Please help me understand what this means." - Lei

Dream Interpretation:

If you dream about snakes or being bitten by a snake in dreams, that may represent the feeling that you are in danger or someone is betraying you. It may also refer to a person whom you consider insensitive, cruel, cunning and can't be trusted.
These however, are just the negative representation of snakes in dreams. On the contrary, they may represent transformation. If you are at a point of trying to make some changes in your life, it is possible that your thoughts about these changes will manifest in your dreams as a snake as it is indicative of self-renewal, realizations and changes.
Snakes in dreams may also symbolize knowledge, wisdom and healing. Sometimes, they could also mean forbidden sexuality.

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  1. very nice. 2ThumbsUp.

  2. The best interpretation ive ever seen so far.

  3. Hi. I have had dreams about snakes also and I am so scared of them.

    You have alot of neat helpful tips on your blog. I think it is set up very well.

  4. I dream numerous time about snake also.I have the feeling that it indicates about bad people around me.People who are ready to betray me anytime.And of course dreaming this way lead me to be more cautious than i was before.Somehow,dreams,always turns out very much helpful to face our day by day lives.Nice blog,cheer up and good luck...

  5. Hi I just want to seek your help in interpreting my dream about snake. What I remember in my dream was there are 2 snakes the first is short, spherical with colors black and white it was located in our comfort room when my uncle was bitten in his left feet.The 2nd snake was longer than the first i was bitten in my head. My father captured the snake but he also got bitten in his hand but the snake was killed. I am hoping that you could interpret my dream For I have dream about snakes many times and it turns out good but for this time it is kinda different. Is it related with my health condition right now because I have a tumor on my head.